News Reviews Insights TechRadar. The black chassis is chic in a rather subtle way but, like other shiny netbooks, quickly attracts fingerprints and smears. It has a balance issue that we’ve seen in previous Wind netbooks, but we like the U’s build quality, design and features. But, if you don’t need those particular features, the Asus PE offers longer battery life and a more stable design at a similar price. Das zweite Atom-Zeitalter Source:

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On the plus side, though, its keyboard is sturdier.

MSI Wind Netbook

Despite its relatively mediocre performance, it’s the sort of netbook that’s perfectly usable on a day-to-day basis, thanks to its excellent keyboard and lengthy battery life Single Review, online available, Medium, Date: The Wind U presents itself as a classic plain netbook at an especially attractive price.

The tablet is poised to take off this year according to some, and while an on-screen keyboard definitely isn’t ideal, neither is a cramped one that’s shoved into the frame of a 10″ netbook.

But, if you don’t need those particular features, the Asus PE offers longer battery life and a more stable design at a similar price. Archived from the original on The flood of netbooks appearing on the market is showing no signs of abating and the MSI U is one ccard the latest.

It offers greater durability than a catd painted glossy surface while still allowing artwork to be worked in with the design. Pocket Lint Using the MSI Wind U is a pleasure when it comes to typing, except for the irritation of that small right-hand shift key – we often found we hit the neighbouring up arrow, moving the cursor into the line above when typing.


Pros Good design Capable touchpad with proper drivers Nice keyboard Cons Half the battery life of other Pine Trail netbooks Missing touchpad software out of the box.

Netbooks unter Euro Origem: For the average user stuffing it into a backpack between classes or using it for travel it should keep a scratch-free look for a long time.

The glossy black screen bezel and keyboard tray look great with the silver and move the mirror-finish glossy parts away from where your hands and palms will always be smudging. Keyboard Touchpad Microphone 1. Users looking to upgrade any components will be in for a surprise when they notice there are no access panels on the bottom of the U If you are in the market for a new machine, this is certainly worth considering.

Tactile feedback is nearly identical with the same key strength and noise when fully pressed. With a new Atom at its heart, the new Wind U netbook packs in the features.

The Wind models were counted to the pioneers vard the unyielding netbook trend, beside the Eee PCs from Asus. Horizontal viewing angles are better, keeping colors looking true even at steep angles. We later found the drivers included on the MSI support website, which brought multi-touch options, as well as simple features like scrolling.

MSI went with a very simplistic redaer pattern on the U that blends in well with the features of the netbook. So, details like letters are geader. Techradar The flood of netbooks appearing on the market is showing no signs of abating and the MSI U is one of the latest. Portability is further enhanced by the compact size of the netbook, and you’ll easily fit it in most small bags.


The touchpad is large and responsive, but positioned czrd close to the keyboard that it’s easy to brush while typing, causing irritating cursor behaviour. The keyboard is great, providing a firm typing action which we quickly became accustomed to.

Build quality is average compared to most netbooks, with a durable outer shell when the cover is closed and plenty of screen protection. However, battery life takes a step u1135, especially considering that the Atom N is supposed to offer greater endurance than the previous generation of Atom chips.

MSI Wind U | TechRadar

Hot Hardware If you’re just now starting to look for a netbook, however, the U will serve your needs well.

Comparing both models side-by-side the U feels more solid and attached to the frame, whereas the keyboard on the PE bounces slightly. Viewing angles are average with the vertical viewing range spanning degrees forward or back before colors started cadd invert.

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. The problem is that the U is usurped by its little sibling, the U The pattern is also copied inside the notebook over the touchpad surface. Single Review, online available, Very Long, Date: