Images When an image is downloaded to the printer, any white space surrounding the actual image is also downloaded to the printer. If the printer supports it, select from: Avery Options Avery Options may be label-specific or printer-specific. Paxar is formerly Monarch. See Table B-3 below. Web — Perforation, gap, or separation between each label.

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Monarch 9805 Thermal Barcode Label Printer

The error must be cleared before the printer can resume normal operation. Label Gap For continuous stock, this setting is used to add space between printed labels. When checked, zeros are printed with a slash. The corresponding settings in the Media Settings section will be refreshed.

M Tertiary clock offset values all set to 5 Printed result: When checked, any lower case data supplied for text fields are converted to uppercase. USB Interface standard or optional interface – Use 9850 standard USB cable between the printer and computer or serverand plug in either a USB or Parallel hardware license key to one of the other ports on the computer.

All measurements are in tenths of a millimeter. Itoh Information This section provides information specific to the C. If you want the printer to print nearer 8905 the leading edge of the label, decrease the form edge offset. Font Remap Instructions 1.


Photo of Monarch Printer

For dpi printers, this is roughly 3″ by 3″. These fonts can be scaled to any size between.

For example, if you define a UPC-A bar code, which requires exactly 11 digits, and then provide alphabetic data at print time, the printer does not print the field.

This option should only be used if enough memory is present to allow the module remain uncleared when a format is sent. This defaults to 60 mm.

Page of Monarch Printer User Guide |

Cut Every Tag and After Batch — Does not cut before the first tag in a batch, but cuts between each tag and after the last tag in the batch. The printer automatically shifts subsets if necessary.

Open the Zebra ZTools Version 3. Make sure that the printer is powered off any time you plug in or remove a parallel cable from a Sato printer. Instructs the Loftware Label Manager system to send the label format with every print request. Refer to your printer guide for recommended feed adjustment settings. If you are using a x printer, a “Memory Overflow” message is displayed on the control panel. The default for maximum label length is dots.


This setting may be particularly important if you are not using Zebra RFID label stock in your printer, as the transponder position may be quite different. Under these conditions, the printer may print the “closest possible” bar code. This option is only valid on the and printers.

Monarch Bar Code and label printers, 9805,

The default setting is not checked. No Loftware error No Loftware error message, but a Windows message, but a Windows printer error is printer error is displayed.

The Offset Length is set in dots per inch. RFID Printers are italicized. Consult your printer manual for further information.

Spooled Locally Error message. The higher blocks — 0 to 27 — are used for user data, each with a block size of 4 bytes.