By touching [To Detail Search] key, detailed search using the four types of [Attribute] can be performed. Notification of end of support products As of September 30, , we discontinued dealing with Copy Protection Utility on our new products. Go to main contents. Up to 47 alphanumerics and symbols can be input as the [Login]. Place IP address of the photocopier

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This function will not reset the copier or controller. The pinging is successful but can’t print.

When destinations are manually input, up xxp destinations can be set, including destinations selected from theLDAP server. This password is a key operator password.

Selecting the Destination10Input the location of the shared folder. Tell us about it.

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The default password for Web Utilities is “keyoperator password”To access the NetWare Configuration page, follow these steps: The machine will store the complete file and send out the data in packets. Password input is necessary to configure settings.

The FTP Configuration page opens. This screen may not be displayed, depending on which options are set for [4. If you still cannot connect, contact the network administrator. Just one question, are you using a VLAN?


This section explains these three types of destinations. Selecting the DestinationSelecting the destination from destinations already registeredFor details on registering a box, refer to [ This is the navigation link for moving toward in this page. Each time you touch the [EDIT] key, the setting konnica switched.

In such cases, the target OS may not be correctly reflected in the pull-down menu.

Selecting the DestinationSelecting the destination from the destinations px registeredFor details on registering destination, refer to [ Connection TimeoutThis function automatically stops the sending if communications bog down during data uploading to theSMTP server and a certain period of time elapses. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Information.

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Scanning DocumentsReading in folded documents Folded Orignal This is set when a document with a fold is set on the RADF and the document fold is so far up and cannot be scanned in at all.

Up to 47 alphanumerics and symbols can be input as the [Login]. Specify four sets of three digit numbers, separated by the periods as the default gateway address. The maximum length of this name is 63 characters, typed in half size. Set each setting item to match the environment of the network to which the copier is connected. For details on character input, refer to [ Job SizeThis sets the job size. For detailed settings, refer to [Application Function Settings] Page Should you wish to disable SMTP, deselect the option box.


Page 8 Using of this Manual Device ConfigurationThe [Device Configuration] screen is used to configure device settings. Index According to Item The subject is selected with [][Switch the page with [].

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The default value of [0. Printer NameThis is the printer network interface card name used on the AppleTalk network. This User’s Guide includes the instructions necessary for utilizing the full range of functions, 72222 well as safety precautions.