This skill works well with another gangster who can cracks safes as they work in a cycle day and night. Taking gangsters to these areas will heal them. First up, bribe the police chief in your area. Gangsters will begin roaming around in your areas and trashing them. Which include 2 armoured cars as well.

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You might want to start on all the other gangs as well. Best bet is to kill the foot soldiers and leave the tanks alone or if you really, really must destroy them, throw a bomb.

Make sure the person guarding it gets a full set of muscle and the best weapons. Restrict them to guarding their office. A friend in Need] [Episode Diectdraw Crime can’t acces direct draw driver 9 posts 9 posts. Bomber skill Incredibly useful in all manner of work.

Expensive, weak when used as a standard fighting weapon. Now be prepared, your territory will be over run and you won’t have much hope other then to fight them off and claim as much land as possible to curb your loss of income. Therefore, claiming land should be done as quickly as possible. Once you claim them, buy all the specialists but don’t set them up till later on.


Has there been any solution posted yet? Remember to give the best cars to those gangsters. Thanks for providing this I have tried several of those options and none of them have worked. He will get a notification if anyone posts to this thread. It’s just tragic to see such good resources going to waste.

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Do not kill the gang leader until a shipment has been made and all the other objectives are met. No one will be alive to arrest the gangster as you stroll in and presumably put him into the holding cell yourself. This car usually comes with completing a secondary objective.

Its quite easy to claim the first gang leaders proposed areas, but the second one may require a little planning. Its best that you clear those areas out of any muscle and leave them till last. When moving on to Pink, there are 2 things you can try. TKD I am posting, now, to remind Tom about your problem.

Do not attempt thhe kill the gang leader until all his gangsters are dead. Advice is to buy a weapon as soon as possible. Some are natural enemies and should be dealt with in the harshest manner. Make no mistake this skill is useful when you’ve been caught in the open and it’s just you and a gangster with muscle after your blood.


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If you accews, heal up and claim all the land on the right site, which is mostly empty of guards. Forgot your username or password? It seems that you’re using an outdated browser. Forums New posts Search forums.

Now available for purchase Friend invite accepted. This prevents good manpower going to waste and stopping them gaining money.

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Send the gangsters in cars first Especially those who have full muscle hired and distract the crowd that comes down the road If anyone is hurt or down to one or two muscle drive away. One gangster in a roadster at the start, the cars you have at the start are important gangeters transport injured people away from the pathway that most of the gangsters will be guarding.

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