Show my social media links facebook. Concerning mass media, television as such does not wholeheartedly promote anti-multicultural thought. Against the tyrants, we fight the power of gold With steel and sinew, as our fathers fought of old The whole land echoes, our triumphant shout The night of want is breaking, and day will see their rout chorus instrumental break chorus Raise aloft the standards, our ideals march before us Our battalions march along, without ado, without a fuss now Can’t you hear the sound of our European battle song? The terror and brutalities of the Polish or Soviet or any other occupation is not part of the subject matter in the songs about WWII. The leaders that do not care, how you or your family fare Wealth’s the only thing that they all look to Your heritage will be sold, for favours and alien gold If you knew the things that they are up to, and they’re up to. Are we gonna let them march or are we gonna smash them?

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I fought in Angola, but the Red disease, is spread. They tried to take it all but now we’re awake We’re fighting back for srkewdriver nation’s sake They’ll try and use the traitors to cover their tracks But the people are aroused, there’s no turning back. No one stands against us, ’cause we’ve beat ’em all before. Ian’s death in September ended the group.

Skrewdriver – Excalibur lyrics

Support for his plans, comes from alien lands People who don’t belong here They come to these shores, they always want more With their lies and their crocodile tears. Are students’ unions ever going to be Responsible people, and work for the free? Gotta change our policies and hang the IRA Let the Army deal with them their way Corrupt politicians and sniveling left-wing scum Are quite content to let them get away Come on Ulster!

For far too long, we’ve let our enemies knock us to the floor No one cares to lift a hand, until the knock is on their door.

Been driving all night, my hand’s red on the wheel There’s a buzz in my head, and it drives my heel When my baby calls and says she needs me here Well it’s half-past-four and I’m skrewdfiver gear. Back with a bang now! Like learning foreign languages, multiculturalism is best introduced into the young. The message to our enemies, with their treacherous beliefs Our ideals are stronger, and your deaths will be, your release Our strength it comes from heritage, and our very blood itself The land from which our culture came; yeah, we don’t fight for wealth.


And now our people all as one We can go where we never would have gone No one worries, a thing of the past Give us freedom that will last. With their little red badges, peculiar dress Spouting beliefs we all thought are dying How can they still believe Das Kapital’s lies?

You tell me you aren’t in it for the wealth But you’re just there for the profit, yeah and nothing else chorus The left-wing and their minions using you I tell you now there must be something you can do At least my self-respect remains with me ‘Cos I don’t pretend that I’m something I can’t be You have got to try and own your own life You keep yours, yeah, and I’m gonna try for mine You look around and then you realise You see so many people in a different light chorus x2 I KNOW WHAT I WANT I’ve been sitting ’round here waiting for somebody’s call I hope it comes off quickly ‘fore the winter starts to fall We gotta get going quickly, and we got to come on strong I know just what I want, and I’ll get it before too long chorus I’m taking heed of Europe’s call Before the winter starts to fall I’m taking heed of Europe’s call.

Skrewdriver:Excalibur Lyrics

You’re gone with the breeze, just like the leaves on the trees Gone are the times, with your family, with your family You left life behind, you knew they had excalihur death warrant signed But there was no way, that you would compromise, no compromise. But we’re having a good time Living life on the line, yeah Having a good time And I feel fine.

The hope is that these vanguard students move out into society and become public officials, teachers, managers and professionals who become force multipliers of conflict resolution, avoidance and especially, understanding. If you wanna get xkrewdriver on the stage and scream, well baby Look out now because it’s hard and mean.

Can’t you hear the sound of our Mother Europe’s sons? Tekstovi pesama su u vlasnistvu njihovih autora i prikazani su iskljucivo u edukativne svrhe. In some faithful heart is your memory enshrined?

Log in with Facebook. Damp pavements, street lights, she was born to stand and fight No favours nor charity, she was never part of a minority Inner-city baby, brought up tough, look around here now, it looks rough Nerves of steel get her through her day, she must survive in this concrete maze It’s night and skfewdriver the corner the dealer stands, one more disease in a once-great land She ignores him and passes by, her ambition is not to die Turns a corner and she’s in gangland, it’s all eyes, teeth, and white headbands She keeps her distance ‘cos she knows their game, rapes their hobby but she ain’t playing.


This little piggy went to market, this little piggy to the fair This little piggy wore a big blue hat and he followed us everywhere Wherever we go, so does he, in his little car If he works well for the money-men, well he knows that he’ll go far.

Skrewdriver says the long humanitarian tradition, from William Wilberforce on, has a limit: This demographic was well known for substance abuse and antisocial behavior, and believe it or not, Skrewdriver covered this aspect of skinhead lifeā€¦ by preaching against substance abuse!

Laughing while the British people die Come on Ulster!

Don’t start to push, we’ve had enough You’re not our boss Control excalibkr masses, but weren’t not that We’re not brainwashed. This little piggy had a radio, to call up all his mates To plan their lies, to tell on oath, to try and seal your fate, yeah.

Skrewdriver – EXCALIBUR :: Sasslantis

My mind’s ablaze with tortured doubts, and sleep it will not come The lashing rains of uncertainty, make me think of things I’ve done in the past now Like to run from all this pain, I’m trapped upon the decks The storm’s approaching, the skies are dark, and dreams could be shipwrecked.

Petersburg when I saw it was a time for change I killed the Czar and his lrics, Anastasia screamed in vain I rode lyrlcs tank with general’s rank, Red revolution was threatened by dark The victims of the communist doctrine are rising and the future looks dark. It was meant to be, Why worry? It’s time our people stood together side by side It’s time we stood and fought against the media’s lies The capitalists and the communists, well they co-exist If you love your country, you’ll be on their list.

Music for your Website. Its current leader, Nick Griffin, was just cleared of charges of inciting racial hatred.