Of course given this is a high end screen aimed at professional users it is logical to expect many people who purchase the screen will already have a calibration tool of their own, or at least plan to buy one soon. The UHM for reference offered a standard 8-bit colour depth Overall the process was pretty simple to use although it did take a while for each calibration. These will help maintain those specific aspect ratios for certain sources, stretching the image to fill as much of the screen as possible and using black borders to cover the sides for 4: Interestingly the changes to a full white shade were the fastest where it seems the overdrive impulse was being applied the most aggressively. Miscellaneous Security Slot Type.

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The added sRGB emulation mode is a nice extra as it very closely matches the u2713u reference space, cutting back on any slight over-coverage from the native gamut.

Dell UH LED LCD Monitor | eBay

I won’t compare the various specs as they are not really relevant in practice and I’ll look instead at the performance comparison based on our tests: Dsll the hardware calibration had been a bit more flexible and the uniformity compensation had worked properly this could have been a very interesting competitor to the likes of the NEC PA series and ranges from Eizo.

Testing the screen with various colour gradients showed smooth transitions on the whole, with some slight gradation and some very slight banding in some darker shades due to the graphics card corrections made.

Deviance from target k. The following configurations are available according to the manual.

You can also select to enter into the main menu, or simply exit the quick launch menu. The Dell UH Monitor features a lightning-fast response time of 6ms, which reduce blurring and ghosting when viewing HD content or video games.


There are many various interfaces under the VESA standard, which differ in the size of the brackets, the distances between the screw holes and their number.

Some people actually prefer the more saturated colours for things like gaming and movies, even if it’s at the cost of accuracy.

27″ Dell UltraSharp U2713H – Specifications

From a pixel response point of view the U performed well, although the overshoot in certain transitions was severe. I know many people are going to be asking the question: Colour accuracy had also been corrected nicely, with dE average of 0. The dynamic contrast shows the ratio between the brightest and the darkest color, which the display can reproduce over time, for example, in the course of playing a video.

On the new model there was some slight motion blur evident but u2731h too severe, although it appeared to be a little less in practice on the Dell UHM as you can see from the above. The factory calibration of the Adobe RGB preset mode was pleasing on the most part.

The screen offers a 4 port USB 3. Alternating current frequency Requirement regarding the alternating current frequency in the electric system.

27″ Dell UltraSharp UH – Specifications

Information about some of the main accessories included in the standard packaging of the current model. This showed h2713h low levels of blur and had j2713h issue with overshoot.

There was nothing severe and no obvious ghosting which was good. Note that we are using a spectrophotometer to make these measurements which is not sensitive to the LED backlight as some colorimeter devices can be. U2731h good to see the full range of adjustments available and all are easy to use really, offering a decent range of adjustments and an overall sturdy feel.


This mode actually offered a reliable emulation of the Adobe RGB colour space as well, helping to cut back the slight oversaturation of the screens native colour space and now very closely matching the Adobe RGB reference.

It would be referred to as a standard gamut screen.

Finally we used the ‘custom’ option in the software. We will look at that feature later in the review but without meaning to spoil that section, it doesn’t seem to do much in reality anyway. In ddll to this, they have tweaked gamma and grey-scale to help to ensure smooth gradients and an accurate initial setup.

The other settings section has some controls over the OSD itself. Targets for u2713g tests are as follows: The Dell manual states: Some of the standard and widely used aspect ratios are 4: Like with the U and U, this new model will replace the U It is there delp so those who were bothered by it on the UHM need to be aware. If you enter the ‘custom color’ mode you have access to adjustments for gain, offset, hue and saturation above rightgiving the user a great control over the hardware.

A pleasing result here. Transitions from light to dark are not affected as much but there are still some errors with the transitions which are close together e.