This would require a true bit workflow and full end to end journey to really take advantage of though, so its use is debatable at the moment. Awesome stuff for real nice monitor really sweet i must say it has one of the most pristine pictures ive seen the resolution of this monitor at x makes all the differance and really shows very sharp images and the color contrast is amazing seriously this is top of the line monitor material so understand that when your paying the extra bucks and make sure your video card can handle it the higher resolution is not easy on a low end video card. Colour accuracy was pretty much on par with the custom color mode, with average dE of 0. From the defaults of 6. Any idea where I might be able to pay for soldering expertise?

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Executive Briefing Center Customer Engagement. There is too much real estate with the 30″ monitor, the color imaging is not quite as good as the 27″, and I prefer the slightly higher resolution of the 27″ monitor. The following summarises the Dell WFP’s performance in video applications: Oct 20, Posts: If you can get a good deal, and are able to calibrate the display to an adequate standard, this could be a good choice in the 30″ sector.

Dell 3008WFP LCD Monitor

As a side note, the screen does dfll a dynamic contrast ratio control if you want to use it. Gamma remained poorly adjusted at 1. Press Releases Dell Newsroom. Colours felt very dull and much less vivid than before.


Panel uniformity was not brilliant, but there was no noticeable backlight leakage from any edge. Colour Accuracy, Black Depth and Contrast. Thankfully this mode did emulate a smaller colour space, more closely matching the sRGB reference than using the full native gamut of the screen.

How to repair a Dead Dell WFP Monitor | Overclockers UK Forums

We had already seen from our earlier tests that this preset didn’t actually seem to emulate a smaller colour space at all, and instead retained the monitors native gamut. Any idea where I might be able to pay for soldering expertise? Part of wonders if I should just but the diode and due it now rather than wait for it to go.

The top of the stand features a pretty unique cantilever arm with an attractive silver finish. To correct the rather poor default settings some form of calibration will be required.

There was no factory calibration on this model, something which should not be under-estimated on the modern U-series screens. Click for larger version. The stand and base are a glossy black colour and although made of plastic they do offer a sturdy construction to support the heavy Compatibility with Dell’s soundbar in case you need it for a casual speaker solution. The screen did become very warm at the top on the back of the display, but nothing too bad.


There was no noticeable shift in colour when viewing from the sides, only a very slight loss of contrast. More than just a pretty face, Dell monitors are designed and built to our highest standards, providing the quality and reliability you expect when you see the Dell logo. Customer Stories Customer Engagement. I’m so happy he did.

Default settings of the screen were as follows: Dell Solution Centers Customer Engagement. See details for description of any imperfections. Again, this preset is factory calibrated on the U-series screens, but not here on the WFP.

If you wake up one morning like I did to find your moonitor has no power. Instead, factory settings offered poorly adjusted gamma and inaccurate colours.

These presets could also be further profiled on the U allowing us to return even better results and more accurate colours. I know some users don’t like the feel of the coating or prefer glossy solutions, so if you’re worried try and see one of Dell’s current range in action in person. This model was released a couple of years ago, but has long been a popular and affordable option in the 30″ space.