Electronics for You E-zine: Both the firing switch 10 and the stand-by switch 9 are electrically connected to the laser driver electronics 4, which are electrically connected to the diode laser 5 and to the at least one rechargeable battery 2. Retrieved 2 January Retrieved November 9, Journal of Power Sources.

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Progress in Electromagnetics Research B. The output laser wavelength is selected to be the maximum absorption wavelength of the material ocllimated be cured. At the receiver, special photovoltaic laser power converters which are optimized for monochromatic light conversion are applied. Another object of the invention is to provide a method of curing medical composite materials that overcomes the problems of incomplete and inefficient curing of the prior art.

The demand for safe and frequent space missions has resulted in proposals for a laser-powered space elevator. Laser Induced Collmiated Channel LIPC research is presently underway using ultrafast lasers to artificially promote development of the plasma channel through the air, directing the electric arc, and guiding the current across a specific path in a controllable manner.

Click for automatic bibliography generation. Wireless power transfer WPTwireless power transmissionwireless energy transmission WETor electromagnetic power transfer is the transmission of electrical energy without wires as a physical link.

A steady current of charges direct currentDC creates a static magnetic field around it. Prototype inductive electric car charging system at Tokyo Auto Show. A SumoBrain Solutions Company.

Furthermore, the argon gas laser requires high voltage and a high current power source. The beam is focused through a lens 8 after being reflected from turning mirror 7.


Tesla thought this would allow alternating current to be received with a similar capacitive antenna tuned to resonance with it at any point on Earth with cordoess little power loss.

Wireless power transfer

Nikola Tesla first discovered resonant coupling during his pioneering experiments in wireless power transfer around the turn of the 20th century, [51] [52] [53] but the possibilities of using resonant coupling to increase transmission range has only recently been explored.

Power beaming by microwaves has the difficulty that, for most space applications, the required aperture sizes are very large due to diffraction limiting antenna directionality. Advantages compared to other wireless methods are: Journal of Power Sources. Bernard Carlson, Innovation as a Social Process: The present invention is a method for curing surgical and dental composites using a hand-held, cordless, portable, self-contained diode laser instrument such as the one shown in FIG.

The resonance between ocllimated coils can greatly increase coupling and power transfer, analogously to the way a vibrating tuning fork can induce sympathetic vibration in a distant fork tuned to the same pitch. Cordpess process of use includes switching from stand-by mode to curing mode of operation of the instrument to save time during surgical and dental procedures.

Valo Cordless Curing Light* – CLINICAL RESEARCH DENTAL

Unlike in a radiative system where the maximum radiation occurs when the dipole antennas are oriented transverse to the direction of propagation, with dipole fields the maximum coupling occurs when the dipoles are oriented longitudinally. Xollimated, Yutaka University Ct.


While it did not prove to be particularly useful for power transmission, this beam antenna has been widely adopted throughout the broadcasting and wireless telecommunications industries due to its excellent performance characteristics.

Only one diode laser can be fired at a time.

A short cultural history of wireless power. Wireless high power transmission using microwaves is well proven. The switch 9 ensures that the electronics are on and ready to fire at any time. Ordinary inductive coupling can only achieve high efficiency when the coils are very close together, usually adjacent. Omnidirectional Cordlses Powering for Biomedical Implants.

This application is a continuation-in-part of U.

Method of using a cordless medical laser to cure composites – SHIMOJI YUTAKA

Furthermore, the output of the argon laser consists of many lines of wavelength from blue to green of which only the blue line of nm is useful for curing. Paghdiwala discloses a focused pulsed Er: What is claimed is: Electric and magnetic fields are created by charged particles fordless matter such as electrons.

Wireless energy transfer systems using lasers for consumer space have to satisfy laser safety requirements standardized under IEC