In most cases there are multiple driver sets that are applicable to a given card. The resampling is stuck into drivers which introduce significant lag into running applications. Included were audio driver v. Mpxplay does not support this chip natively but detects it as Sound Blaster Pro 2. I tried the final version v. It even provided a separate mixer with controls for Spatial, Reverb, and Chorus. Each version has its own quirks.

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Error: Cannot initialize audio Driver

The FAQ says “Windows 9x 4. Secondly, DOOM would crash or hang. A PCI card with a single hardware clock that operates at The failures were multi-layered:.

ALSA’s default configuration is problematic.

The channels are not reversed. A search for this Troj on Trend produces no results for me, but I’ve never been very good with search results.


The sound font used by Windows Media Player and Creative’s own.

Do they save the best for paying customers, er That was with reverb on, audioohq off. Sound effects in DOOM are a little bit glitchy. There are three canonical ECW soundfonts and few others in existence.

Examples of some of the problems Also Cakewalk crashes when I try to change SoundFonts, telling me I don’t have enough memory set aside to run the Soundfont. Unfortunately, that success was random and irreproducible. SonicVanguardNov 29, What type of speakers are you running?

It still causes horrible glitching of sound inutialize, however. But I do remember losing the LiveDrive functionality – that’s why I quickly returned to the Creative drivers. I tried the final version v.

PCI audio notes

Don’t use the generic drivers from Creative’s site. Aug 22, Messages: You must log in or sign up to reply here. Of course, XP wanted me to reinstall the drivers, which I did.


SonicVanguardNov 28, ForteMedia FM another unknown Labway card: Mar 2, Messages: They will appear to function the same way as cards that directly support the For the emulated OPL3, it has to be lower yet. Cannot initialize Audio Driver 2nd try. This card is designed for sound, not for gaming.

Does this happen with audoo media types or just mp3? Apart from that, though, the functionality and quirks wind up being very similar. Now Iniitalize need your expertise to fix this problem.

If not, is it plugged into a power lead?