Each manufacturer has its own strategy to make their card distinguishable from the competition; Hercules has added RAM-heatsinks, Creative Labs has reduced their prices, and ASUS has decided to tackle this issue with features, and lots of them. Compared to other retail graphic cards packages I have seen, ASUS have been quite generous with their package. Later on in the review you can take a peek at how the GeForce compares and come to your own conclusion on this issue as well. This is not because of ASUS’s history of high quality nor is it due to the use of extra and unnecessary features. Ensures broad application support.

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ASUS V GeForce 2 GTS

Make a v700 call to the user-defined phone number. As for the software side of the installation, we had no troubles installing v3.

Asus is hoping to have enough of these small jabs and land the knockout punch to become our new GeForce2 champion.

This is not surprising because they have done this in the past, with c7700 “Deluxe” version of their V and V cards. Let’s take a look at what it is about this card that allows it to stand out from the reference design board as well as how the card rates overall. Asus V Software Driver, Continued. Log in Don’t have an account?

With this in mind, the heatsink and fan combination used in the V is very similar to others out there, with the added bonus that the V uses thermal grease not less efficient thermal glue found in the majority of video cards out there.


V Series | ASUS Global

In the case of the V series cards, it has yet to be seen if the upcoming V Deluxe will continue to stick to the reference design, but it seems highly likely: Click here to see the full review.

Capture the detected unusual condition in high quality AVI file. The MHz memory clock we were able to achieve on the card is really only a result of a good memory batch found on this particular card, however it was impressive nonetheless.

Click here to enlarge. How does ASUS plan to ensure success? How much better is left to be seen in the overclocking section, but at least we know that the RAM should have no problem running at its speced speed of MHz. TweakTown is happy to have one of the first reviews of such a card in Australia!

Independent hue, saturation and brightness controls in hardware. Send a warning e-mail with photo to the user-defined address.

NVIDIA GeForce 2 GTS Roundup – July 2000

The board is actually quite “busy” in terms of “Parts per square inch”. Max Refresh Rate Hz. ASUS is well known for their superb motherboards, which are highly regarded within the hardware community.

This veteran status really began with the release of their popular TNT based V, which received excellent reviews. Performance – Test Setup. Full digital technology used is better than VCR-type video security systems.

Performance – Overclocking Page The Chipset Unless you’ve been disconnected from the net for a while now, you asuus know that the GeForce2 is NVIDIA’s latest and greatest graphics chipset that has all the bells and whistles that crown it currently the best 3D consumer graphics solution on the market.


Since ASUS has found a way to mate the Winbond WD chip onto free space on the back of the reference design, and since video-in and video-out are both controlled by a snap on daughter card, it seems unlikely that a new design needs to be made.

V770 to our newsletter. This is not because of ASUS’s history of high quality nor is it due to axus use of extra and unnecessary features.

Asus v7700 GeForce2 GTS

Provide the greatest security to your valuable system. Dual-texture pixel-fill capacities with four new Hypertexel pipelines: The V is special because it includes the very nifty and useful feature of hardware monitoring.

Hardware monitoring is regulated via the Winbond WD chip, which reports the overall condition of the card, and can be monitored with the help of ASUS software. Users can define the response procedures once any unusual condition is detected. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.